Hi, I'm Goncalo Andrade

I'm a User Experience Designer based in London, and I believe that Design is all about coming together to solve human problems.

I've been here for a few years now, but I'm originally from Portugal. This means my accent might change from British to Canadian or American at a moment's notice, which is a lot of fun.

I enjoy reading comic books and playing Dungeons and Dragons, like the nerd I am. I am also almost always up for a pint and a chat down the pub.

I absolutely believe that Design is all about solving problems. So I work together with great companies to deliver products their customers find delightful as well as useful in their lives or businesses.

I work closely with you and your stakeholders and product managers, development and testing teams, users and customers; while always keeping your business goals and objectives in mind.

  • User Experience Design
  • Project Management
  • Visual Design


Expertly aproaching a concept and thinking through all the angles, solidifying ideas into into plans and user stories, making them workable into reality


My experience in development lends me a unique perspective of product. Awareness of possibilities and limitations of technology makes my work realistic


I am used to taking the reigns of a project and making sure everyone works towards the same goal. After all, the final experience is the result of team work

Visual Design

One of the many tools in user experience is the visual design, the part of the interface the users actually see. This is one of the main ways to convey the experience

Some companies I've worked with

What others say about me

Working with Gonçalo was a very good and profitable experience. As any project, the SIMI project had its moments of greater stress with hard deliverables to be accomplished in short periods of time.

Gonçalo was always up for them and never failed showing extreme dedication and motivation levels. Adding to this, Gonçalo is a very easy person to deal with: he is very understanding, creative and implements (design and interface) in record speed times, which is really useful in a project with short deadlines. I hope we meet again one day in our professional lives.

Pedro Azeredo Paixão

We hired Goncalo in a freelance capacity to lead a critical phase of UX re-design for a b2b web app, as part of a larger project involving approx 15 people across 3 Product & Technology teams. He successfully delivered prototype solutions (navigation, information architecture, workflow) to improve usability in several key areas, liaising extensively with users and stakeholders throughout the process.

Antongiulio La Corte