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Goncalo Andrade

Coffee powered, user entered

EDF Energy Glow

Revitalising an old supplier with a new way of approaching energy EDF Energy, as an old player in the energy supply market, is well established in its ways and practices. RAP (Residential Accelerator Program) was established as an in-house disruptor team meant to work independently, sheltered from all the bulky old business and its inertia, […]

Retirement redesign

Redesign the retirement public website I had the chance to redesign the pensions and retirement section of the UK website for Aviva. The previous one was confusing to the users and not structured consistently, with plenty of duplicated content and jargon. This old site was structured from the business point of view, listing out the […] Investments redesign

Redesign the public website I had the chance to redesign the investments section of the UK website for Aviva. The previous one was confusing to the users and not structured consistently, with plenty of duplicated content and jargon. The products themselves are quite complicated, so they needed to be explained in as simple terms as […]

Checkout Form

Meet Samantha She’s in an airport waiting to board a flight to Colorado for vacation. She has some time to kill before her flight, so she does some impulse shopping online. This is her first time purchasing anything on this site. Since she’s going on vacation for a week, she wants it to be delivered after […]

Enterprise Architecture Web App

Enterprise Architecture web app This is the browser-based web app version of Enterprise Architecture 2015, which allowed enterprise architects to put some intelligence behind the process diagrams they draw in Visio. They could create people (managers, employees, supervisors), places (stores, offices, warehouses) or even IT (software, licenses, machines) in the app which they could then use to […]

Rugby Dashboard

About the project How to view a large amount of data related to a specific game while making it readable, easy to understand and relevant every step of the game. I was responsible for the whole UX and UI of this project. It was a quick challenge project done after hours in 2 weeks. So […]


About the project This app made eating out a premium experience, using an app to give clients all the choice and comfort. Clients wanted to browse my options in a quick and easy way and make their order hassle free. Business owners, on the other hand, wanted to show the users our products in an […]

Pleased to meet you

I’m a User Experience Designer based in London, and I believe that Design is all about coming together to solve human problems.

I’ve been here for a few years now, but I’m originally from Portugal. This means my accent might change from British to Canadian or American at a moment’s notice, which is a lot of fun.

I enjoy reading comic books and playing Dungeons and Dragons, like the nerd I am. I am also almost always up for a pint and a chat down the pub.


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What others say about me

Working with Gonçalo was a very good and profitable experience. As any project, the SIMI project had its moments of greater stress with hard deliverables to be accomplished in short periods of time.

Gonçalo was always up for them and never failed showing extreme dedication and motivation levels. Adding to this, Gonçalo is a very easy person to deal with: he is very understanding, creative and implements (design and interface) in record speed times, which is really useful in a project with short deadlines. I hope we meet again one day in our professional lives.

Pedro Azeredo Paixão

I worked with Gonçalo for 1 year in Copidouro. He had the role of change and dynamism to the company.

Faced with this challenge, Goncalo had the ability to respond to the task, leading, fostering a new interpretation of the role of business in the context of new media.

Clearly, Gonçalo, for his efforts, commitment and dynamism, a professional with a promising future.

Jorge Melo Braga