I’m, a User Experience Designer and I believe in solving problems and connecting people through my work.

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I’m a User Experience Designer based in London, and I believe that Design is all about coming together to solve human problems.

I’ve been here for a few years now, but I’m originally from Portugal. This means my accent might change from British to Canadian or American at a moment’s notice, which is a lot of fun.

I enjoy reading comic books and playing Dungeons and Dragons, like the nerd I am. I am also almost always up for a pint and a chat down the pub.


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I’ve worked with Goncalo at Aviva on a couple of projects. Goncalo designed experiences to simplify complex financial problems, such as helping people understand how their pensions work or designing a tool to show much money they would have annually in retirement, which we tested in the lab to get feedback. I’ve also mentored Goncalo when he conducted user testing. He’s a quicker learner, wrote excellent discussion guides, moderated extremely well, and produces reports with actionable findings. Goncalo will be an asset to any team, as he’s smart, a good teammate and fun to work with.

Trudi Roach

I am happy I had a pleasure to work with Goncalo. He is the person with very strong opinion, UI designer with very good web development skills.

The things I like most about Goncalo is that he always tries to see things in not standard ways which leads to great and unique results.


I also admire Goncalo because he’s not afraid of trying new technologies which often leads whole team into acquiring new knowledge and skills.

Tautvydas “Tauts” Derzinskas

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