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Here you can find my portfolio of projects I’ve worked on, not only User Experience Design, and get an idea of how I work. Click each one to learn more about it.

I’ve worked across a number of fields, which provides me with varied experience. From graphic design to print production, up to web and app design, as well as coding, until I arrived at UX design

Such a colourful career with such varied experiences gives me a unique birds eye view of projects and enables me to communicate with and understand all the different people and moving parts involved.

You can learn more about my process here.

Print production and graphic design helped me develop my skills with composition and industrial production, which I later translated to the digital world.

Web served as my entry to digital design, and my first projects in that area taught me how to translate concepts such as composition, use of colour and typography to the screen. I also started learning about other tools specific to digital design, such as animation and interaction.

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